A knowledge base widget that embeds inline into any page of your existing website.

Point your customers to answers

Solve your customer's questions faster

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Self Service

Allow your customers to solve problems themselves by viewing the articles you create.

Always Online

You can't always be available to support your customers, but your knowledge base will.

Save Time

When your customers are able to find answers, you have more time to do other things.

Display your content

Inherits your site styling and fits in your layout

Guides widget demo

Override the default layout styling with your custom site design that is already inherited from your site's styles.

Multiple Layouts

Quickly change the way your guide looks and the features displayed.

Embed Anything

Embed any piece of content from a single article, a category, or collection. You have full control.

Inline Editing

See your changes to the content live on your site immediately after they are made.

No Separate Site

There's no required setting up and matching the styling of your site, it inherits your website's layout and blends in.

Responsive Design

Whether your customers are on a desktop or mobile device they will be able to view your content.

Google Analytics

See your page views inside of Google Analytics with full tracking support.

Manage your content

Visually see how content will live on your site

Guides control panel
Multiple Editors

Write articles using the WYSIWYG editor with full HTML or Markdown support.

File Attachments

Attach files to any article to allow customers to download.

Image Uploads

Easily add images inline to your articles by dragging and dropping.

Draft Mode

When working on new articles they will be drafted until published so you can see how it look on your site.

Visibility Control

You can change the visibility of collections, categories, and articles for internal use or to not be listed and must be linked to.

Coming Soon

Revision History

Never lose your important changes to articles. You can always restore a backup at any time.

Organize your content

Grow your content with your site


Store articles that are directly related to each other with a layer of separation.


Categorize your articles under a hierarchy, which belong under a collection.


Articles are content that helps customers with problems around your main site.

Analyze your content

Learn what helps customers

Top Searches

Discover if customers are finding content that matches up with what they are looking for.

Popular Articles

See your most popular articles that customers are viewing for the most common answers.

Coming Soon

Article Ratings

Learn which articles are helpful and which aren't working to improve the self service.

How it works

It's simple to integrate the widget

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