Support software that embeds into your site

About Us

We all interact each day with businesses, it's impossible to not in some way be affected by support, whether that is positive or negative. For all of us have problems and require solutions when we are frustrated and communication barriers often times exist. It's a service every business needs, yet is so complex and hard to use. The biggest problem is that existing solutions forget the core principle: help customers.

UserDeck was started with the a big vision and simple goals to allow easy integration and simple software to allow anyone to efficiently and effectively provide support. Our vision is to provide software that makes customer self-support and communication effortless and provide for easier customer retention and development. No more should the days of calling and not being able to understand the person through geolocational barriers and long wait times only to find out the business is not open anymore.

Our Team

Our talented team of engineers has a combined 20 years experience building and scaling software working with large fortune 500 companies so when customers spend time working with UserDeck, we are committed to keeping the quality and uptime you expect with an experienced startup.