Ticketing software that works over email and embedded widgets for your existing website.

Answer your customer's questions

Rock solid simple integration with your email and website

Conversations widget demo
Incoming Email

Automatically get tickets created from new support emails.

Shared Inbox

Manage tickets with other team members.

Multiple Channels

Communicate with customers wherever they are on your site or over email.

Portal Widget

Customers can view and reply to all of their tickets within your control panel.

Contact Widget

Let your customers send you support messages from your existing website.

Collaborate to better help customers

Work together to help customers

Conversations control panel
Team Members

Get your entire support team on board to handle tickets together.


Track the status of tickets to know what is important.


Assign tickets to different users to separate the support queue workload.

Canned Replies

Store common answers to be reused on new replies to customer tickets.


Store private intormation that can be shared between team members on tickets.


Easily tag tickets to be able to filter on like billing or beta.

Coming Soon


Write messages using the WYSIWYG editor with HTML support.

Read Tracking

Know if customers have viewed your sent messages.

Truely know your customers

Provide better support and understand problems

Customer Profiles

Store meta data on customers to view when viewing tickets.

Profile Webhook

Retrieve custom data from your existing system or 3rd party systems like billing products.

Organize your support queue

Collaborate to better help customers


Separate the queue of tickets by different departments or companies that any team member can help on.


Threaded tickets with customers with full history tracking of every message.


Send messages back and forth between a customer and team members.


Customers and team members can exchange attachments to better the support process.

Coming Soon