Better productivity, collaboration and customer experiences

Conversations control panel

Communicate with your customers through easy-to-use ticketing software that works over email and embeds into your existing website.


Communicate with customers wherever they are on your site or via email.


Automatically get tickets created from email and web activity.


Manage and easily share tickets with other team members.

Tools to solve problems and answer questions

Flexibility and collaboration to help customers

Conversations overlay widget

The Conversation overlay allows a customizable pop-up to display on your existing website. The customer message creates an automatic ticket which can be answered via the control panel or through email.

Unique mailboxes

Unique Mailboxes

Separate departments that team members can access.

Threaded messages

Threaded Messages

Full threaded history tracking of every message.



Exchange attachments to help share ideas and information.

Support overview

How Conversations work

How conversations work

Extending information

Getting to know your customers

Customer profiles
Customer profiles

Customer Profiles

Store data for customers as customizable meta information to expand your customer insight.



Retrieve custom data from your existing system or 3rd party systems like billing products.

Previous conversations

Previous Conversations

Refer to previous conversations for helpful historical insight.

Powerful tools for teams

Better support organization

Built for teams

Built for Teams

Get your entire support team on board to handle tickets together.

Statuses & Tags

Statuses & Tags

Track the status and tag tickets for later access and insight.

Read Tracking

Read Tracking

Know if customers have viewed your sent messages.

Cannned Responses

Cannned Responses

Store common answers to be reused on new replies to customer tickets.



Write messages using the WYSIWYG editor with HTML support.



Store private intormation that can be shared between team members on tickets.