New Feature: Guides Search

May 11, 2014

We've just added the ability to search Guides. Your customers can now find answers faster through self-service and save you time from support tickets and emails.

Search is now available for all Guides and comes enabled by default so you will see it live on your site immediately. Try it out in our support page.

New Feature: SSL Support

April 29, 2014

Today we've added a new feature to our platform, SSL support.

With SSL support, widgets can now be used on any SSL page or even websites that requires SSL accross an entire domain.

This has been rolled out to all users and will work immediately when you integrate widgets to an SSL page of your site.

Announcing Guides: An Embedded Knowledge Base Widget

April 25, 2014

Today we are happy to announce Guides, a powerful knowledge base widget that embeds into existing websites. We've been thinking for a while about what a future knowledge base system could look like, how it could work, and why it could be better.

No Separate Website

One of the biggest pain points in setting up a knowledge base is setting up another website. It can be time consuming to setup and maintain styling with your main website when any redesign or changes happen. Your content lives on your website and inherits your existing design and blends right in.

Simple To Integrate

Since it's a widget, to install you just copy the JavaScript code to any page of your website. Similar to how you would setup Facebook Like or Tweet buttons. The installation of Guides into an existing website can be done in 30 seconds. The reason for this is simple, when in the context of your own site and layout managing your content allows you flexibility and to visually see your content come alive in your design.

Powerful Content Management

You manage content not only in our control panel, but live on your website using the widget. We have an amazing WYSIWYG editor with HTML and Markdown support to manage articles.

Copy. Paste. Customer Support.

We think we've come up with something pretty great and are excited to how you use it. We've got more planned in the road ahead so if you have any features you want to see, feedback or issues please let us know.