New Feature: Guides Revision History

December 9, 2016

We're excited to share with you today a new feature for Guides called revision history. From the start, each time you change an article, we've been storing a copy of the original article.

Starting today you can now view all of your article revisions including the author and the date in one place and restore an older version at any time. This is great for seeing how an article has changed over time and correcting mistakes from accidental changes.

Learn how to work with article revisions.

New Feature: Multiple Guides

May 11, 2015

We're happy to announce our newest feature by popular request for Guides. You can now manage multiple Guides under a single account. Whether you manage multiple websites and want a knowledge base for each or have multiple businesses, you can now manage them all easily.

Now when you login to the control panel, you'll see a new dropdown which lets you switch context between Guides or create a new Guide.

Learn more about creating a new guide.

New Feature: Guides Widget Events

December 1, 2014

We're excited to mention a new feature of Guides embedded widget. It's been our goal to provide a way to not only customize, but extend the customer support experience in a unique way that makes sense for your business. Today you can now extend the widget even more by hooking into events that are triggered when a customer takes actions inside your knowledge base.

Right now you can hook into ratings and other events and provide a better customer experience. For example if a customer rated an article as unhelpful, you could display a modal and ask them to contact you to get in touch to better help them.

Learn more about hooking into Guides widget events.

New Feature: SEO Support

August 15, 2014

We're proud to release a huge addition to the platform, SEO (search engine optimization) support.

Even though search engines are getting better all the time to try to detect, parse, and even index JavaScript based content, the reality is it is still far from perfect and content owners need to do more work to ensure the content gets properly indexed.

Content doesn't help customers if they have a hard time finding it. One of the benefits of putting content into Guides is to reduce support time by allowing customers to solve their own problems using self support. Customers often use search engines to find answers too and we have now optimized the entire platform out of the box when you embed Guides, your content will be shortly indexed and drive more traffic to your Guide.

If you have already installed the embed code you will need to update it as it will use a new URL to point search engines to. By default, URLs in search engines will use the generic domain, you can change this by configuring your web server.

Learn more about setting up SEO support.

New Feature: Guides Article Ratings

July 16, 2014

We're happy to announce our newest feature for Guides is article ratings. Ratings allow you to gauge how well customer's problems are being answered through self service by seeing which articles are helpful to them.

If an article has a high number of helpful ratings and one of the most popular in your knowledge base, chances are the writing style used should be replicated. You can then apply that to the most unhelpful articles and consider rewriting them.

You can see the new ratings when viewing an article. Learn how to view ratings for an article.